Product name:DSZ3B

■ Use of the telescope system, with reliable automatic
compensation system, has a strong resilience in vibration,
shock, temperature change.

Range of application:

■ Can be used to observe the country's third-class standards,
meet a variety measurement requirements of engineering and
construction standards.
■ The product has an automatic compensation function, can greatly
enhance the operating efficiency and avoid errors.

Parts Type DSZ3-32B DSZ3-30B DSZ3-24B
Telescope Magnification 32X 30X 24X
Image Erect image
Objective aperture ≥42mm ≥36mm ≥32mm
Min.focusing distance 0.3mm
Stadia multiplication constant 100
Stadia additive constant 0
Resolution ≤4" ≤5" ≤5.6"
Pattern of reticule
Compensator Working range 15'
Compensating error ≤±0.3"/1'
Setting accuracy ≤±0.5"
Scale Scale graduation range 360°/400G
Scale minimum value 1°/1gon
Sensitivity of circlar bubble 8'/2mm
Base screw M16 or 5/8"X1/11" to be select
Environmental temperature -25℃~±50℃
Carry case Plastic case(aluminiium case for option with extra cost)
Parallel plate micrometer Available for option

Water Analysis