Key Features for AS-2C Automatic Level
It' s airtight, waterproof, full gas ( dry nitrogen gas) telescope design is perfect for wet or humid environments.
Nikon' s unique automatic compensator using a wire-suspended pendulum and the air damper to prevent magnetic interference. And a wide range of compensation ( ± 12 ' for US-2C) makes it fast and easy to set up.
Rugged construction provides excellent resistance to shocks.
Very accurate running 1km double leveling-AS-2C ± 0.8mm w / o micrometers, ± 0.4mm w / micrometer
US-2C features a horizontal circle. Direct readings graduated to 10 ' and can be estimated at 1' .
US-2C model employs a high magnification of 34x, a high resolution telescope to ensure sharp pictures even in poor light.
Optional high-and low-power lens lens-AS-2C High power 43x, 22x Low-power
Improved minimum focusing distance, up to 1m / 3, 28 ft, for better performance in a tight spot.
Endless fine drive to ensure a smooth horizontal plane, the measurement point and the right angle.
To ensure rapid rotation, breaks new friction does away with the need for clamps.
Standard optical sight allows you to find your target with precision and ease.
A mirror with a pentaprism lets you view the circular bubble as an erect image and appearance while setting.
Attache good tripod and ball-head flat.

Specifications for the AS-2C Automatic Level
Magnification: 34x
The minimum focusing distance: 1.0m / 3.28 ft
Stadia Ratio: 1: 100
Standard deviation of 1km double run leveling: ± 0.8mm Without micrometers, with a micrometer ± 0.4mm
Built-in automatic compensators: Type-Wire-hung, air-damper Compensation ranges; Setting accuracy ± 12 ' , ± 0, 3 "
Weight: 1.80kg-Instrument / 4, £ 0 ..;
Carrying case 1.80kg / 4 pounds, 0.


* Main Unit Digital Theodolite
* Allumunium Tripod
* Signs gauge / Levelling Staff
* Tool Kit
* Plumb Bob
* Loud Carry Case
* Cleaning Cloth
* User Manual

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