Solar Power Meter

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Solar Power Meter (Datalogging)

  • Select either power or transmission
  • Solar energy measurement
  • Select either W/m2 or Btu / (ft2 x h) units
  • Auto Data Memory function. (microSD CARD 2GB)
  • USB interface
PROVA 1011

PV System Analyzer

  • I-V curve test for solar system
  • Max. solar system power (Pmax) search by Auto-scan: 1000V, 12A (12000W capability)
  • The analyzer and the Remote Solar Detector is connected by Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Intelligent test logic with no personnel attendance

Solar Module Analyzer

  • 60V, 6A (PROVA 200A)
    60V, 12A (PROVA 210)
  • I-V Curve Test for Solar Cell
  • Max. Voltage (Vmaxp) and Max. Current (Imaxp) at Max. Power (Pmax)
  • I-V curve with cursor
  • Calculation of Efficiency(%)

Solar Power Meter

  • Wide spectral range
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Cosine corrected
  • Automatic transmission measurements
  • Select either power or transmission
  • Solar energy power or transmission
  • Current time setting function
  • User calibration factor setting function

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